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For the upcoming Supervisor of The Year Awards in 2018

Nominations close on Friday 25th May 2018

In 2010 School Crossings Victoria established the school crossing supervisor of the year award to acknowledge the contribution and spirit of the work undertaken by school crossing supervisors throughout Victoria.


To acknowledge the contribution and dedication School Crossings Supervisors provide by maintaining and providing a safe and enjoyable journey to and from your individual school and all schools throughout Victoria.

The recipient of the award should model enthusiasm and successful outcomes in a friendly and professional manner.

This award is open to all Crossing Supervisors. Please consider not only your permanent supervisor, but the large contingent of relief staff who are also very dedicated School Crossing Supervisors.

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2014 School Crossing Supervisors Award Nominees

How the School Crossing Award is Decided…

  • Victoria is broken into 7 regions based on the number of school crossing supervisors per municipality.
  • A winner is selected from each region and then a state winner will be selected from the 7 regional winners.
  • The selection process is done by a panel of independent members of member councils.

Nominate a school crossing supervisor now! Use the form below.

Nominees for the award must be employed as a school crossing supervisor at any Victorian Council. Judging is based on the following:

  • Professional demeanour and presentation (uniform and equipment)
  • Working knowledge of road rules relating to school crossings
  • Welcoming, caring, supportive and encouraging to all users of the school crossing
  • Helpful – Informative and clear on correct use of the crossing

  • Involvement in the school community

  • Attendance – no time off (other than illness)

  • Punctuality

Nomination Form

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  • Nominee Details

  • Person/Organization Nominating Details

  • About the Nominee

    Nominees for the award must be employed as a School Crossing Supervisor for a Local Council within Victoria, and demonstrate the following attributes;
  • Do they represent your crossing in a professional manner to which you expect from your Local Council?

    Please give example/s of how your supervisor maintains professionalism when completing their duties.

  • Does your supervisor provide ample notice to drivers and make sure pedestrians wait for the whistle?

    Do they notify pedestrians not to enter the crossing once the red man is flashing on pedestrian lights or when they see drivers not stopping, or attention is not on the road?

    Please give example/s of how they make you feel safe every day... and if they have dealt with a dangerous situation, what occurred and how they dealt with it.

  • Are they wearing the appropriate uniform and utilising the required equipment?

    Please let us know why they stand out and how they make sure pedestrians and drivers see them.

  • Due to the dangers around roads, supervisors require individuals to follow directives.

    Is the supervisor explaining the reasons why they require you to follow their directives, and do they do so in a friendly and polite manner?

    Please let us know what they have asked of you, how well it was relayed and what the outcome was.

  • Do they have minimal leave (other than illness)?

  • Is the supervisor always observed on duty at the same time every morning/afternoon?

    Please also consider the crossings that you may drive or walk past which are not directly outside a school.

  • In 250 words or less, please tell us why you feel your nominated crossing supervisor deserves to win the Crossing Supervisor of the Year.